What jewelry lover doesn’t love vintage jewelry?  In many cases vintage jewelry is a shining example of the styles jewelry designers emulate today, often made with techniques that are no longer in use.  Appreciating and purchasing vintage jewelry is recycling at its best as the pieces hold a history of their own to be retold by you.  Our vintage jewelry collection is highly curated and thoroughly checked for condition and authenticity.

Appreciating and purchasing vintage jewelry is recycling at its best.

We specialize in vintage gold and gemstone rings and earrings from the Victorian period and later.  We also carry American and Scandinavian sterling silver jewelry as well as gold filled and brass vintage jewelry for every budget.  We set new stones in old settings and old stones in new settings and we source vintage jewelry on request, so please ask if you are looking for something specific.  We love the hunt.

14K Russian Rose Gold Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Diamond Toi & Moi Ring
14K Yellow Gold & Opal Cluster Ring
9K Yellow Gold & Moonstone Ring
18K Yellow Gold & Mine Cut Diamond Ring
18K Yellow Gold & Spinel Studs
14K Yellow Gold Onyx Ring
9K Rose Gold & Amethyst Cocktail Ring
UpCycled 9K Yellow Gold & Black Moonstone Ring
20K & 22K Yellow Gold Bands
9K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Ring
14K Russian Rose Gold Drop Earrings
Vintage 10K Yellow Gold and Peridot Cocktail Ring
Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Moonstone & Sapphire Ring
Vintage 10K Yellow Gold and Agate Ring